Ohio Valley Psychics Presents:
Feast of Diana Feast of Tourches Metaphsycial & Psychic Expo

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Ohio Valley Psychics Presents:

The Feast of Diana/Feast of Torches Metaphysical  Expo

& Psychic Fair

Saturday, August 13th


Econo Lodge Inn & Suites - Wheeling

87 Jenkins Lane, Triadelphia,WV

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Admission: A small bag of or can of Cat or Dog food or treat for our furry friends at the local Animal Shelter's    


Cybele's Metaphysics


Phoenix Majik Arts- https://www.facebook.com/PhoenixMajikArt/

Bonnie Jones Midway Metaphysical and More- https://www.facebook.com/MidwayMetaphysicalAndMore/?fref=ts

Dancing Dragonflies- https://www.facebook.com/csdancingdragonflies/

Kristin Lee-Bella Moon Old World Metaphysics

Divine Scentations- www.divinescentsationsinc.com

Wicked Wicc 'N Candles-https://www.facebook.com/WickedWiccNCandles/?fref=ts

Black Cats & Company- https://www.facebook.com/blackcatsandco/?pnref=about.overview

The Skeptic's Sanctum Radio Station- https://www.facebook.com/SkepticsSanctum/?fref=ts

The Bellaire House-http://thebellairehouse.webs.com/

Irina Gundler-https://www.facebook.com/mypathtoawakening/?ref=br_rs&pnref=lhc

McCoys Healing Hands- Donna McCoy- Reiki/Reflexology/Massage Therapy-https://www.facebook.com/mccoyshealinghands/?fref=ts

Sun & Moon Skin Care- Wheeling, WV

Five Points Afterlife Research-https://www.facebook.com/Five-Points-Afterlife-Research-244422295719970/

Twisted Mystic Metaphysics-thetwistedmystic.com

Big Country Paranormal- bigcountryparanormal.com 



Psychic Readings are set at a 15 minute duration for $35.00  &  30 minute duration for $60.00

Kristin Lee-

Reverend High Priestess Kristin Lee is the Founder of Ohio Valley Psychics, WitchTalk Radio Ohio Valley, and Crabapple Moon Old World Metaphysics. She has appeared on My Ghost Story's. She loves helping people make a positive change by using her psychic abilities to assist them in life's tough decisions. She psychic & empath who can tune into love, finances, and channels messages from  loves ones.   

Daniel Keith-

Daniel tunes in and focuses on love, relationships, career, and educate through his empathic and psychic abilities.  He quickly sees into the root of your problems to help you understand.  Daniel helps you see a better path through his empathic and psychic abilities. Daniel can use runes, oracle cards to help you learn more about the up and coming, or answers immediate questions.  Daniel is the Reverend High Priest of the Temple of Diana, Ohio Chapter. He is also a member of the Artisans in Wheeling, WV.  Daniel is a natural psychic who channels messages that people need to know through his spirit guides, Apollo, and the Arch Angels.  Daniel is able to channel, see where your relationship is going or give you tools to save your relationship or simple walk into a new beginning with someone better. Daniel has a soft and kind voice but is direct because he wants you to use his sight and visions to make positive change.  Daniel is able to tap into the energy and the vibrations of people to help them see a clearer path by utilizing his psychic abilities, remote viewing, and channeling.  Daniel inspires positive change through angelic healing and directness.

Priestess Starla-

Starla is a trained metaphysical health professional. She is natural and nurturing intuitive. She has a very strong connection with medicinal herbs, crystals, and energies. She is able to pin point your physiological (body) imbalance, help you alleviate stress, and balance your charka's through her energy healing technique. She is very well known for her healing energy therapy and is called the "Ohio Valley Healing Angel." She is able to tune into past lives and help you discover the root of your love life, finances and career. She feels vibrations as she connects to the grid of the universe and channels messages that you need to know.

Deb  Rutherford-

Deb is a psychic/medium from Charleston, WV for more than thirty years. She tunes in to spirit quickly! Deb begins the reading by asking your name. Then she feels the vibration and rhythm of your energy. Deb will hone in on your situation, as she seeks to give you valuable insight that will thrust you forward in life and give you renewed hope. While Deb delivers what she sees with sensitivity, she will not sacrifice the truth to spare your feelings. She never tells you simply what you want to hear. With over a decade of experience, Deb specializes in love/relationship and career. Growing up, she could feel and visualize situations before they happened.


A clairvoyant channeler, Gina is an empathic and direct psychic. During her readings, you’ll experience two feelings: healing and finding a new path for your greater good. She reads on most topics, because she is here to be of service to you. A professional reader for over 30 years, Gina believes that everyone is endowed with powerful tools and abilities that help them understand who they are. She says, “I know how to connect the dots to make sense of what’s happening and I can find the solutions you need to fix things. I help people see the possibilities with pure, positive light.” Psychic Gina's clear connection to higher source  guides and teachers allows her to furnish her clients with information that is amazingly accurate and clear. Gina is also a member of the Artisans in Wheeling, WV.

Angela Mangione-

Begins by asking you to concentrate on what you want to know. Then she will thoroughly channel your vibrations to answer your questions using runes.  Her readings are always very professional and discreet with a foundation of love and compassion. Angela is very sensitive to your  spirit guides.  These skills help her give precise information on your relationships, career, and finances. 

Lectures:  Each 30 minute lecture is complementary

11am- Opening Circle

Noon-Diana & Apollo Education with Kristin Lee  

1pm-Five Points Afterlife Research- Learn how to collect data & research from a live ghost investigation...learn what is creditable data and not creditable data, see first hand how professional paranormal researches work in the field of parapsychology!

2pm-Irina Gundler- Learn how to remove obstacles to create happy relationships by using the Akashic Records

Come to learn about:
• Why we chose to experience each other;
• How different Soul groups operate very differently in life;
• How shared karma, attached entities, Soul-level contracts from past-life history affect our relationships today;
• What are energetic cords and how we create them in present life;
• What makes a relationship successful from spiritual perspective.
Irina Grundler is a Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healing Practitioner.
She uses Vibrational Re-Tuning Through The Akashic Records” process to help spiritual open-minded people remove obstacles to living their full potential.
For more information please visit www.PathToAwakening.net. -https://www.facebook.com/mypathtoawakening/?ref=br_rs&pnref=lhc

3pm-Learn the benefits of  Reiki and Massage Therapy with Donny Mccoy's Healing Hands
McCoys Healing Hands- Donna McCoy- Reiki/Reflexology/Massage Therapy-https://www.facebook.com/mccoyshealinghands/?fref=ts

4pm- Big Country Paranormal- House Cleansing & Home Blessings & Smart Paranormal Practices

5pm- Skeptic's Sanctum- Join in on a live radio broadcast with Skeptic's Sanctum Radio & learn all about how to use Paranormal Equipment!  

6pm- Reverend  High Priest  Daniel Keith- Candle Magick 

7pm- Closing Circle with the Temple of Diana- Ohio Chapter. Bidding farewell to Diana  & welcoming Apollo.   

8pm-9:30pm- Rebirth Ritual with Reverend High Priestess Kristin Lee

Pass though the veil of dimensions that hold you back from your greater good. Undergo a personal transformation ritual of “death” as you are guided by Reverend High Priestess Kristin Lee to  surrender & release what no longer serves you, and what prevents you from  manifesting your higher purpose/greater good. Experience an awakening of your true self and the renewal of your "rebirth"  Gather in circle with High Priestess Kristin Lee to offer up  yourself to the universe, drawn down the magickal energy that you need  to harness for your new future!  Kristin Lee will guide you in a deep mediation into the deepest levels of your inner subconsciousness; you may received messages from yourself...LET GO OF WHAT NO LONGER SERVES YOU TO MAKE ROOM FOR WHAT POSITIVE THINGS ARE TO COME TO YOU. This is a empowering ritual that will help you transform into the person you want to be! This is a very intense ritual and will take a lot of energy on your part.

Ritual is $35.00 per person & payable (cash or credit) at the front door.